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The gifs of the Lake: Fish that is chosen with Care and is Absolutely Authentic

Thanks to the proximity of Lake Garda and the local culinary tradition that generation after generation has handed down the passion for cooking fish to the current generation and in 1990 Pescheria Sartori opened. On our counter you can find a wide variety of very high quality products that go from fish from the lake to sea fish, whole or filleted, which are delivered directly from the fish market at Chioggia thanks to the contribution of our trusted collaborator who for twenty years now has supported us with the utmost seriousness, dedication and professionalism. The fresh fish counter is also flanked by the selection of quality frozen fish that was chosen directly by Giannantonio.
The fresh fish comes to our counter every day, except Mondays, and it is also possible to ask for any product.

However, remember that the fish is subject to prices and availability that obviously does not depend on us, but on the season and… luck!


Sartori Carlo and sons sas (CEE IT B5T6K) Butchers is proud to inform you that, following the investments made in recent years, our laboratories have achieved CEE certification after having reached the objectives required by CEE regulations which impose complete traceability of the products and in particular beef and veal meat (regulation CEE 178/2002) and in accordance with food hygiene requirements outlined in CEE 852-853-854-882 of 2004.

In compliance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 155 of 26/05/97 the company is equipped to analyze the critical points of its production process and to carry out the HACCP plan. The purpose of the HACCP system undertaken by the company is to guarantee the ideal conditions for the selection, packaging, storing and distribution of the goods we sell. The regulations are available in our office.