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About Us

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In 1955 when Carlo Sartori, founder of the Sartori Meats label, opened his first butcher shop he enjoyed cooking chickens on the spit in a tiny gas oven and only later, in about the 1990s, was a whole area dedicated to the purpose. At first there were only chickens, pork shanks and chips then, after the renovations in 2016, it was thought opportune to increase the range of products and the recipes on offer.
The expansion of the store also allowed the purchase of an infrared spit oven and a new Zanussi fryer. With this new equipment the menu was expanded to include fried fish, battered fried vegetables and fried meats. Every day, thanks to the new oven succulent chicken wings, pork ribs, spicy chicken, chicken thighs and drumsticks, mixed skewers and salamella are prepared. Obviously the chickens and shanks are always available.

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