Dedicated to Catering

Since the nineties Sartori Carni has provided its customers with a dedicated catering service. This sector has now become the company’s Core Business. Yet, neither does our philosophy change; high quality and finding new exciting products, where everything is accompanied by the daily use of cutting-edge processing techniques. Controlled temperatures, high hygiene standards and the best possible equipment complete and improve our product range.

To date, our company can count on over two thousand products including fresh and frozen beef, pork and poultry. Furthermore, we also feature a choice selection of fine meats from all over Italy. Last but not least, around a thousand gastronomical products and frozen vegetables for restaurants and hotels.

The Sartori logistics daily covers the entire province of Verona and the Gardesan areas of the Brescia and Trento provinces. For our more distant clients, our company employs an internationally renowned logistics networks, such as STEF and VERONASPED, which can guarantee shipments in 48/72 hours throughout the national and European territory, in full compliance with the cold chain as established by European regulations.

Why should a catering business choose Sartori as its partner?

In addition to the chance of using the “Garronese Veneta” company chain, with the possibility of using the trademark and being included in our web site For years, Sartori Carni has been a company and leading meat supplier. The choice selections of meat from all over the world detailed in our listing, are portioned and vacuum packed – as requested by our customers and according to their convenience – directly in our plant with controlled temperatures, limiting all possible contamination. All fresh meat has a validity of thirty days, whilst there is a minimum of fifteen days for processed products (such as tartare, hamburgers and fresh sausages). Our strong points are competitive pricing and maximum care in processing. The traceability of the meat, the weight and expiration date are all indicated on the label, so you can have all the information needed for correctly storing the meat.

Above all else, we are butchers by passion.

Our offices are open seven days a week; from 8:00 am to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00 pm in the afternoon. We can meet any customer’s request, while our sales network makes timely weekly visits to make sure our partnership is working well and long-lasting.