Territory as a Source of Life

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Brenzone, a Paradise on Lake Garda

The name Brenzone probably derives from the Brenni, a Germanic tribe which took up residence on Monte Baldo and from which it moved towards the lake to sack the area.
Today The Local Council of Brenzone includes 16 hamlets which extend partly along the lake and partly on the slopes of Monte Baldo (a mountain whose highest peak, Cima Valdritta, reaches a height of 2,218m)
There are many paths from Brenzone to the highest peaks. The whole territory is characterized by a great variety of environments. We go from olive groves, cypresses, oleanders and Holm oaks near the lake to higher up where between 500m and 900m the chestnuts trees reign before leaving space above 1,600m for red spruces, larches and pines.
As far as the fauna is concerned the territory gathers together about a thousand species of butterflies, white parakeets, fork and cedar roosters, marmots, royal eagles, chamois, foxes, dormice and martens.
Generally the climate is mild and characterized by warm average temperatures and rainfall concentrated in spring and autumn. This is all due to the mitigating effect of the waters of the lake.